Creative minds can be scattered.

You know the feeling—you're writing something, and the ideas are flowing, but you don't know where to put them all. That's what openworldcrafter is for. It keeps your thoughts, ideas, and notes in one place and gives you the freedom to organize them however you wish. Oh yeah, and it's free!


A place to keep your notes

openworldcrafter is like a personal wiki for your book, but in app form. You can give each character or concept its own page and link them together with hyperlinks. You can fill out Character Sheets and have them compiled into a spreadsheet for you. You can even embed images and videos if you want. Those are just a few of the app's neat features; go to the documentation for more info.

Flexible for however you write

Every author writes differently. With openworldfactory, you can organize your notes however you want. There's no formula. Detailed outline? Check. Snowflake method? Easy as pie. Writing by the seat of your pants? It'll keep you organized. Text formatting tools let you insert headers, links, lists, and even emoji.

If you love spreadsheets (and who doesn't?), you'll feel right at home. The Character Chart lists all your characters and their properties and lets you color-code them all. It's a simple, powerful tool designed with you, the author, in mind.

Show me the screenshots already!

Oh, so you want to actually see the app before you download it? So picky! Here you go:

Free and Open Source Software

By "free software," I don't mean there's constant ads or a $50 "full" version. Free software is about empowering people, not getting rich. So not only is it $0.00, but the code behind it is available, too. If you're the type who loves to tinker, you can come on over to the GitLab repository and peek under the hood yourself.